Circularmonster was founded with a clear goal: to change how we destroy data and recycle old IT equipment.



When our founder asked a friend what they thought of the company name, they had doubts. Who wants to do business with a monster?

But here’s the thing: Circularmonster isn’t about being scary. It represents two important things about our services: strength and effectiveness. Still, we had to show our friend and customers what we meant. That’s why we spent three years working on our branding and rethinking what “monster” means.

As time went on, those initial doubts turned into confidence. We proved that “monster” doesn’t mean something scary. It stands for our amazing ability to protect data and find new uses for old IT devices.

Circularmonster is a dependable friend for businesses. We offer great protection against digital threats and excellent IT equipment recycling services.

Join the ITAD Revolution today and help the environment by giving your old devices a new purpose.

Monstrously High-Quality IT Equipment Recycling Solutions

Join Circularmonster’s ITAD Revolution for excellent IT equipment recycling solutions and resell unused devices.

Data Destruction

Choose our tailor-made data wipe service to get rid of unused IT hardware

Secured Transport

Is data destruction not possible on-site? Then choose our secured transport services.

Shredder Truck

Get rid of IT assets with no residual value on site thanks to our shredder trucks.

IT Inventory Management

Got a warehouse full of unused IT assets? Don´t waste their green value: let us catalog, test and sell them.

Wipe On-Site

Avoid data breaches with our certified data wipe on-site solutions.

Residual IT Value Scan

Discover the hidden IT value and potential of your unused IT devices.