Professional Data Destruction To Ensure

More Security For Your Company

Before disposing of your unused IT assets or reselling them with our sales services (internal link), we strongly advise you to operate data destruction (internal link to service page). This ensures you don´t give away sensitive data to unauthorized sources, putting your company at risk of hacking. By properly destroying data, you’re not just tidying up; you’re putting up a fortress around your business’s and clients’ privacy.

How We Permanently Destroy Data

So, how do we at Circularmonster ensure your data is gone for good? We use some seriously high-tech methods. One such method is degaussing – it’s like a magnet scrambling all the data, making it unreadable. In cases where physical destruction is necessary, we utilize shredding, effectively turning hard drives into minuscule, unrecoverable pieces.

And for data that needs to vanish without a trace, we use software wiping. This isn’t just hitting ‘delete’; it’s rewriting the old data so often that even the best digital detectives can’t recover it. With these methods, we ensure your data isn’t just deleted; it’s as if it never existed.

Certification and Peace of Mind

Once our team of experts has finished destroying your data, we don’t just leave you with a goodbye. We hand over a Certificate of Destruction. This certificate isn’t just any document; it’s solid proof that we’ve entirely and properly destroyed your data, following all the strict industry and legal standards.

It’s like your digital shield, showing you’ve done everything right to protect sensitive information and lower the risk of data breaches. This certificate assures you that you’ve taken every necessary step to keep your and your clients’ sensitive data safe and secure.

Protecting Against Data Breaches

We make your data vanish for good, keeping hackers and data thieves out. Our top-notch data destruction means your business secrets and client info are highly safe, hidden in a digital vault. Our invisible shield stops cyber snoops from being dead in their tracks.

So, you can concentrate on running your business worry-free, knowing your data, and that your clients are securely protected. With us, you get peace of mind, knowing we’ve got your back in the digital world, safeguarding your most sensitive information.

Types of Data We Handle

We handle various information, including financial records, employee data, client lists, and confidential emails. Our services encompass a range of data destruction methods, like degaussing, shredding, and software wiping. These methods guarantee that each type of data gets adequately treated.

Whether securing financial transactions or safeguarding sensitive employee information, we’ve got it all covered. Our expertise extends across different data protection requirements, ensuring your valuable information remains secure and offering you the peace of mind you need.

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